Realized introductions

Below an overview of some completed projects and introductions.

Bia teca seed flour | EBRD project to advise and develop a market approach for Bia Teca seed flour.

Directly from the yields in Moldova they source a variety of the most tasteful seeds. They wash them gently, clean them, press them and bottle the oil. Above all they want to avoid waste.

The story we tell: Enjoy the marvelous nutritional benefits of original Moldovan seeds powder. Planted based and produced with zero waste. Sustainable solutions are everywhere around us. So, add something good to your food and
enjoy the marvelous nutritional benefits of the original Moldovan seed flour.

Cyprus Millers 2021 | new marketing strategy including rebranding of company identity.

Cookie Kitchen 2019 | Development of a new cookie concept for the out of home channel.

FitKids 2019| development and introduction of specials kids bread. high in fibers, calcium and protein.

Fitbrood 2018 | Boni supermarket and PICNIC online supermarket (more: Fitbrood

Muffin concept | Food service supplier Bakkers Brigade

Duinen Original, the only one | Bakker van Maanen (more: Duinen)
Jammbar  inbetweens| Bakkers Brigade (more: Jammbar)

ENJOY magazine | Bakkers Brigade (more: ENJOY)

Peulkorn, bread based on pods and vegtables – AB Mauri (more: Peulkorn)

ToenannoNU – Bakery Vedder (more:

Yam, daily glutenfree bread – Jumbo Supermarket (

Ruwe Bolster – Milling company Meneba (bekijk: Melange Ruwe Bolster)

Bread to Bread – Industrial bakery organisation Bake Five (bekijk: Bread tot Bread)

Bake-it Easy / Classic – Industrial Bakery Borgesius (bekijk:
bake-it map)

Fred & Ed Dubbelbrood – C1000 supermarket
(bekijk: f&E)

Bread concept Typical Amsterdam – Meneba (bekijk:

Antonius bread| joint venture with La Trappe – Jumbo supermarket Breda

Realized shops

– Jur Ur – Share Happiness (Mongolia)

– The Bakerycafe – Groningen (bekijk:

– Hubertus, Bread| Coffee| Pastry – Den Haag (bekijk:

– B
read and Coffee – Roosendaal

Some of the companies to who a trainingen or presentation has been given.

– Jur Ur Bakery – Ulan bator (Mongolia)

– Migros Group – Pristina (Kosovo)

– Arvalis – Venlo |

– National bakery gala – Wageningen

– Nexus college mei 2013

– Albert Heijn – Zaandam

– Jumbo – Veghel

– Sodexo – Capelle ad IJssel

– ISS catering services – De Meern

– HEMA – Amsterdam

Side activities

– Bakery Nexus |Co-founder and first chairman of these youth association for the bakery branch.

– Dutch BoulangerieTeam |chairman of this Dutch competition team between 2011 and 2015. The team won three prizes at that time: in Amsterdam, in München and in Nantes.

Won prices

– 2014 | Bake Five wins a good food price with ‘Yam, glutenfree’.

– 2012 | Bake Five – Formule Master Trofee during inspiration trip to Berlin.

– 2010 | Meneba – First price for the best exhibition stand during 2010. (bekijk: expoprijs