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Profit through value creation in the food chain.


food producers, bakeries, supermarkets, milling companies and entrepreneurs


The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Mongolia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus

About me

Keep creating

It’s so interesting to work in the marketing field. You have to be able to create, to learn, to be curious, to be different ànd to move forward. It’s about the content and the packaging. With enthusiasm I worked on various introductions and exciting plans.

My way of work is dynamic and particularly pragmatic. Entrepreneurs often finds that a relief. My first advice is always: ‘You can better focus on creating new markets than sharing existing markets.’


Just a very small overview of the BAKERY BRANDS portfolio. Every plan, every product, every presentation is given with passion and the utmost dedication. Marketing and communication is so much more than the packaging. The content and the conviction to be better are always leading.

Relation Testimonials

Here’s what some of the relations said about me, my work and dedication.

‘We did together very successful international projects. Each time again Ivo inspired us and the client teams with his professional and ‘hands on’ approach. He created successful new Marketing & Sales Strategies, Brand development and the (re)styling of the brand identity and communications. Great guy to work with!’

Jacob Molenaar

Partner Bakery Initiatives

“I have not met many people who work with as much enthusiasm as Ivo. Ivo is knowledgeable, very creative and also works very efficiently. In recent years I have been able to work with Ivo on various projects and introductions at bakery Fuite, and still to my complete satisfaction. In short, I can recommend Ivo to any client with a good feeling!

Klaas Fuite

CEO Bakery Fuite

Ivo is a driven man with unbridled and infectious enthusiasm; for his profession, his customers, his “colleagues” and of course his boys and dear friend. It is very nice to work with someone who helps you to get the best version out of yourself. What I learned from Ivo is how you can “earn” an mission. All parties with whom we cooperate appreciate his effort. I am always proud that we work together.

Annemiek Lindhout

Interior Advice and Concept Development

Some news from my site

Just to inspire and show you what’s going on at Bakery Brands

Together with Bakery Initiatives we worked on a new marketing plan and associated new brand identity. Although an existing identity feels familiar, it can sometimes be better for the future to change it. Not as an goal in itself, but because it fits better with the […]
Another stubborn concept from Bakery Brands. In a cozy pastry shop in Friesland, real traditional patissiers make delicious cakes and more, according to traditional recipes. That was a good starting point for the new concept: Cookie Kitchen.Developed together with Borgesius Convenience. You find the cookies in […]